Ode to finishing a novel – March 2024

Here it is ready for the baptismal font a baby in the making for two whole captivating years of undying devotion and mind-numbing frustration. Of chasing crumbs of knowledge through wooded glens and falling down rabbit holes in search of shimmering nuggets to fill empty space and startle the defiant blinking cursor. Now the pages [...]

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Nicole Alexander & The Cedar Tree FACEBOOK LIVE THURS 26th MARCH 12noon AEDT

If you missed Nicole's virtual launch please head to her facebook page the post has been saved! 

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Conjuring the bush.

As a fourth generation grazier and author living 600 km northwest of Sydney my childhood was spent roaming the bush. Along with my brothers and sister we concocted stories and games, our outdoor adventures complimented by home schooling taught around the dining-room table with lessons sent through the mail from The Correspondence School in Sydney. [...]

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Novel-in-progress update

It’s three years since I first started thinking about my new novel which I’m close to finishing.  There’s been quite a few potholes to navigate along the way. Instead of my usual female protagonist I chose a male lead of Scottish descent and named him Ross Grant. Then I decided to track his life for [...]

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Writing update – Novel no. 9

You would imagine that with eight novels behind me I would slide into the writing of number nine with ease. Practice, an understanding of the fundamentals and an itching to get to know new characters should be enough to spur me on but this book has come slowly. Now nearly 80,000 words on and not [...]

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Talking history & writing at Gleebooks

Recently I was invited to chat briefly about my work at Gleebooks in Sydney. The idea behind this video series is to showcase the Sydney Mechanics School of the Arts (SMSA). It's Australia's oldest lending library having started way back in 1833 when reading was high on the list when it came to entertainment, for [...]

Where stories come from and why they matter to you.

Where does a story come from? Each of us has own own personal story. A series of moments made up of triumph and tragedy. If we look back at our lives we can link each step together and sometimes we can understand how we got to where we are today. Sure some of it is [...]

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Steve Rossiter visits to talk about ‘Novel Writing Retreats Australia’.

About Novel Writing Retreats Australia, by Steve Rossiter   Thank you to Nicole for having me here on her site. Some of you may know me, or at least know of me, as the person behind The Australian Literature Review (www.auslit.net), Writing Novels in Australia (www.writingnovelsinaustralia.com), Writing Historical Novels (www.writinghistoricalnovels.com) and Writing Teen Novels (www.writingteennovels.com). [...]

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Lisa Heidke visits to talk inspiration, character ideas & swingers!

One of the great things about being a writer is that you get to meet a whole lot of other great authors. Lisa Heidke lives a good eight hundred kilometers south of me however thanks to today's technology (which as a bushie I'm supremely grateful for) she's literally visiting me today! www.lisaheidke.com With the release [...]

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The Voice Of A Story: Point Of View.

Welcome to week three of Writing Fundamentals. For those of you who are new to the craft of writing, I really hope I’ve opened a window into this exciting world. For readers who are old hands perhaps you’ve been reminded of some technical aspects that may be worth considering in future works. During the last [...]

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