The Bark Cutters

“’A great saga that traces family history with a wealth of romance’”
– – Woman’s Day

‘“The Bark Cutters, captures the lives of four generations of one bush family’ – – Sunday Mail Brisbane

Sarah Gordon knows what she wants: the family homestead, Wangallon. When it comes to working the homestead she’s a natural but, as a woman, it’s not her birthright. Even when her beloved older brother is killed in a tragic accident, nobody looks to Sarah to inherit. Instead her grandfather passes management to Anthony Carrington, who was once Wangallon’s jackeroo.

Feeling betrayed, Sarah escapes to Sydney to try to put Wangallon behind her. But her heart is pulled in two directions: Sydney with its cafes and social life, her blossoming career as a photographer, and her accountant boyfriend, Jeremy. Or the property that has been in her family for over 120 years, with its floods, its droughts, the ghosts of generations past, and Anthony…

Past and present interweave in a story that traces the Gordon family from the arrival of Scottish immigrant Hamish Gordon in Australia in the 1850s to the life of his great-granddaughter, Sarah.

The Bark Cutters was published in 2010.

The Bark Cutters was shortlisted for the ABIA (Australian Book Industry Awards) Newcomer Award 2011.


What Nicole says

Some first books grow out of what you know. And I knew about cows, bikes, long days mustering and jackeroos.

The Bark Cutters
I also knew about rural history thanks to the length of time my family has been in the bush and I had access to some remarkable archival material that we’ve been hoarding for decades. I also understood what it was like to be a female working in a male dominated industry. And so my first novel was born. Whilst the story traces four generations of a pastoral family – like mine, all similarities end there!