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Where stories come from and why they matter to you.

Where does a story come from? Each of us has own own personal story. A series of moments made up of triumph and tragedy. If we look back at our lives we can link each step together and sometimes we can understand how we got to where we are today. Sure some of it is [...]

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The ‘Squatter Service’.

Charles Kerry of Kerry & Co was a photographer at the turn of the century – 1900s. His photographic company was very popular capturing images from NSW’s rural areas at a time when regional Australia was growing quickly. He was also quick to see the needs of inland dwellers creating his ‘Squatter Service’ where he [...]

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On the edge of the Nullarbor- Madura Station (Plains).

‘A hideous anomaly, a blot on the face of nature, the sort of place one gets into in bad dreams’. This is the description of the plains by English explorer Edward John Eyre, a man who was a definite authority on the Nullarbor after his successful crossing in 1841. This area is desolate, a vast [...]

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A Scottish massacre

A Scottish massacre and a shearing shed in South Australia. How history weaves itself around the world. A 30-minute drive west of Mount Gambier in South Australia is the small rural town of Glencoe. A community that was built up from a sheep station, the town and the property were named after the rugged highland [...]

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Those were the days…

My father was born in 1931. A time when things were saved and reused, repaired or modified and the word excess was rarely mentioned except perhaps when a person overate. Brown paper and string were kept for parcel wrapping, cereal boxes and wooden spoons were a child’s delight and a day trip to town included [...]

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Writer’s Festivals

It's been a busy few months with the release of my eighth novel, An Uncommon Woman. A tour of the western Downs region of Queensland was a great week allowing me to see more of our wonderful countryside, catch up with relatives - there are a lot of Alexander's over the border from NSW, and [...]

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High country in the Victorian Alps

High Country in the Victorian Alps. Home to the legendary cattlemen immortalised by poet AB 'Banjo' Paterson in 'The Man from Snowy River'. You can still find their historic huts built by the cattlemen for shelter when driving their cattle up to the plains in summer. These age-old buildings have provided protection from the weather [...]

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The last mounted infantry charge, Beersheba.

In the late afternoon of October 31, 1917 around 800 men of the 4th Australian Light Horse Brigade looked from a ridge down across six kilometres of sloping ground towards Beersheba. Behind them were thousands of troops desperate for water and a never-ending desert, in front of them, the heavily fortified town of Beersheba. They [...]

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Waltzing Matilda & the Great Shearers strike of the 1890s

Wool was one of Australia's largest industries by the 1890s. But as the wool industry grew, so did the number and influence of shearers. By 1890, the Australian Shearers’ Union boasted tens of thousands of members, and at their annual conference in Bourke in 1890, the Union laid down a new rule, which prohibited members from working with [...]

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Pirates on the Darling – Tolarno Station

From the 1870s fleets of paddle steamers laden with bales of wool began to wind their way down the famous Darling River.  Wool transportation was at the core of river trade at this time, a sign of the flourishing wool industry in Australia and a good example of the large quantities of wool being exported [...]

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