Wild Lands

“Kate is a modern day feminist… in a wild land. An epic novel.’
-The Big Book Club


An epic novel of bravery, loyalty and impossible love that takes the reader on a spellbinding journey from the streets of early Sydney to the heart of Australia’s wild, untamed lands.

New South Wales, 1837, and settlers in search of fertile country are venturing far outside the colony. Literally cutting a swathe through the bush with their bare hands, they lay claim to territory beyond government jurisdiction – and the reach of the law.

As she accepts a position on one such farm, seventeen-year-old Kate Carter is unaware she is entering a land of outlaws, adventurers and murderous natives.

Because the first people of this new world will no longer accept the white man’s advance, and retaliatory attacks on both sides have made it a frontier on the brink of war.

Into Kate’s path comes Bronzewing, a young white man schooled by a settler family yet raised within an Aboriginal tribe. Caught between two worlds, Bronzewing strives to protect his adopted people and their vanishing civilisation.

But as he and Kate will discover, ‘beyond the outer limits’ is a beautiful yet terrifying place, where it’s impossible to know who is friend and who is enemy . . .

Wild Lands released September 2015.


What Nicole says

When my great-grandfather first selected our property in 1893 he chose a site for the homestead near the banks of the Whalan Creek

Wild Lands A simple timber hut was quickly pegged out and built and the men spent their days cutting timber, erecting fences and shepherding sheep. I imagine the days and nights were equally long, the monotony only broken by the monthly arrival of the postal and supply rider who brought stores and mail to the settlers. This story about my great-grandfather’s settlement experiences became the catalyst for Wild Lands. I tried to imagine what it was like on an isolated frontier all those years ago and then I stretched the timeline back to when the north-west of NSW was barely explored, when Australia’s first people roamed the country and the area was unknown, untamed, a white space on a map. I sent a woman, Kate Carter into the Wild Lands. And it is here that she meets the enigmatic Bronzewing.