A Changing Land

‘“A must read’ – The Outback Magazine

“’An enthralling Australian saga’ – – The Weekly Times

It’s the early 1900s and Hamish Gordon has a massive rural holding, Wangallon, built on stock theft. Embarking on a ruthless plan to buy out his neighbours, Hamish’s actions test the loyalties of his family and will have serious repercussions for generations to come.

In the late 1980s, Sarah Gordon now runs Wangallon with her fiancé, Anthony. Their relationship begins to deteriorate when a power struggle develops between them and escalates with the arrival of Sarah’s Scottish half-brother, Jim Macken, who is intent on receiving his inheritance …

Unable to buy Jim out and with the possibility of losing part of Wangallon, Sarah finds herself fighting the law, her half-brother and Anthony. Will she jeopardise her own happiness to keep the Gordon legacy alive?

A Changing Land was published in 2011 & is a Top Ten bestseller.


What Nicole says

“I didn’t plan to write a sequel to The Bark Cutters”

A Changing Land However readers wanted to know whether Sarah Gordon was going to stay at Wangallon Station or ride off into the sunset with her man. And they were equally interested in the fate of her cantankerous forefathers. Succession planning, love lost and found and family dynamics all feature prominently in the Gordon family’s rural empire-building exercise.