Freemantle Woolshed, Bathurst NSW, Australia.

Bathurst, NSW: Construct a one-hundred-mile road in six months, proclaim a township, disrupt the indigenous population, discover gold and begin taming the land; such was the beginning of Australia’s oldest inland settlement. Building a path across the Blue Mountains presented a mighty challenge however in 1814, Governor Macquarie approved an offer by William Cox to build a road [...]

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The Great Gatsby – Decadence & obsession in the Jazz Age.

F. Scott Fitzgerald the author of The Great Gatsby coined the phrase the ‘Jazz Age’ and was known as the Great American Dreamer. If you haven't read the novel you may well have seen the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. The Great Gatsby is the story of a mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and his unrealistic obsession [...]

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Alexander Pearce – Shoe stealer, bushranger & cannibal.

For a bushranger to be hanged but also dissected for scientific purposes in order to explore the possibility of abnormalities, you’d imagine some strange behavioural type or perhaps the very worst of crimes. Although the facts remain a little hazy, the truth gone with Alexander Pearce to his grave, there is little doubt that the [...]

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‘Girls Day Out’ Forbes NSW. 21st & 22nd June.

I'm heading to Forbes on Thursday the 21st & Friday 22nd June 2018 for the Forbes Shire Council / Business Chambers 'Girl's Day Out' event. There's lots on: a cocktail party on the Thursday night and a luncheon at the Golf Club on Friday, plus a Friday morning shopping frenzy. If you're in the area grab some [...]

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Captain Moonlite & his lover

Irish born Captain Moonlight (Andrew Scott) might have trained as an engineer in London but he would eventually hold his dying lover in his arms thousands of nautical miles south in Australia. In 1861 his family moved to New Zealand with the hope of finding gold. The Maori Wars intervened and Scott enlisting as an [...]

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Chivalry and the bush.

The question of chivalry or more correctly the demise of it got me thinking on my last trip to Sydney. I wonder what King Arthur would make of our world where he alive today. Looking down from the lofty parapets of Camelot, would he weep or take note of those who continue to uphold the [...]

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The ‘Squatter Service’.

Charles Kerry of Kerry & Co was a photographer at the turn of the century – 1900s. His photographic company was very popular capturing images from NSW’s rural areas at a time when regional Australia was growing quickly. He was also quick to see the needs of inland dwellers creating his ‘Squatter Service’ where he [...]

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A stone woolshed standing the test of time

Standing the test of time, Gorrin Woolshed is located about 20km south-south-east of Ararat, a Victorian town with an economy dominated by the wool and beef industries. The area is steeped in history, enriched with stories from its gold mining past and its flourishing pastoral land. Land that now sustains a number of well-known wineries. [...]

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Frederick McCubbin takes us along the Wallaby track.

I always admire artists who capture the true essence of the Australian outback, those who portray it in an honest and raw fashion. Frederick McCubbin is one such artist. He started painting the suburbs of inner Melbourne, but finished with his art adorning galleries across the world. His mesmerising interpretations of the Australian bush reflect [...]

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Cropping in Australia: A shaky start.

I’m sure if Captain Phillip was here today he would be amazed to see the versatility of our grain products. Australian wheat based noodle, bread and bakery products can be found across the globe and include Chinese style noodles, Wanton Dumpling skin, European pan bread and Indian flat bread. And our sorghum fattens some [...]

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