OF Wattle and Daub Beginnings – The Great War

In state this new world Achilles, he of translucent glow rests, world weary: Oblivious to commanders. Those reticent masters of the bayonet charge, lauded yet by those similarly inclined. Ten miles beyond the sordid scope of battle, only Generals die in bed. Our Achilles, little known disparager of war, of wattle and daub beginnings. [...]

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Most people will admit if asked that the last time they read poetry was at school. I grew up on the rhyming verse of bush poets such as Banjo Patterson quickly gravitating to Dante and Tennyson. I remain an avid fan of Phillip Larkin and admit to liking the work of Bryn Griffiths Sea Poems (Veritas 1988). However the [...]

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