A creeping natural disaster.

And the drought goes on… I’m wondering if anyone is going to take a stand for rural Australia. I’m speaking of those areas such as Western NSW and Central and Western QLD still fighting the extremes of a never-ending drought. Surely it is time for serious attention to be given to those who are suffering. [...]

Bush news & views.

When the overseas guys arrive with wads of cash in the palms of their hands. It’s a contentious issue, foreign investment, but for all the opinions many argue that overseas dollars are a major component when it comes to keeping primary industries viable. Do I like the idea of foreign ownership of the land, of [...]

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Stand up for farmers!

It's about time that NSW regional and rural voters had a bigger say ahead of the March 28th State election, don't you think so?  So does NSW Farmers.  They have created StandupforFarmers, a campaign giving country NSW voters a greater voice enabling them to shine the spotlight on issues impacting rural and regional communities. If you head to [...]

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The Dog Blog: Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

I thought the two-legged’s were going to have some sort of fit with the length this dry spell was going on for. But then it actually rained. You would have thought it was Christmas. There was a lot of talking loudly and sitting watching the rain fall and a bottle of fizzy stuff was popped. [...]

Rain. Yep, we finally got some liquid gold.

One minute we're sweeping the dust off the back porch, the next we're sweeping the mud off. Yes it's rained, in a big way. We had 110 glorious mils yesterday which in the old scale is 440 points.             We'll be planting crops on this....         And [...]

The Dog Blog ‘Thought for the Day’

Each week Jack the Kelpie and friends will be presenting the 'Dog Blog'. A brief roundup of what's happening around the property and more importantly what's occurring in their lives. To kick start the project Jack would like to introduce himself.   'G'day. I'm an eight month old black and tan Kelpie. My name's Jack [...]

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The drought: A crucial moment in history

The outback has always evoked themes of struggle and survival, epitomised in tales of bushrangers, drovers, rural women and lost children. Certainly any debate about National Identity usually gives consideration to rural Australian life, particularly as it is portrayed in painting, music, literature, film and most importantly, foods. To an extent rural Australia still helps [...]

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Where our water comes from... I've had quite a few emails and messages asking where we're getting our water from during the current drought. During the millennium drought the NSW Govt. introduced an initiative that involved the caping and p...iping of all bore drains in an area that extends from Goondiwindi and out west and [...]

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The Legacy Project

What better way to conclude the first series of 'Inspirational Women' blogs than by asking an expert to talk about inspiration and the legacy that each of us creates during a lifetime. Meet Brooke Alexander, creator of The Legacy Project, professional speaker, advisor and pretty much one of the smartest people I know, and hey [...]

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Cotton – laser levelling.

There has been a lot of dust flying over the last couple of weeks courtesy of numerous tractors, one grader and a road-train. We've been laser levelling the cotton country to allow for even irrigation once the crop is in the ground.               Firstly the country is cultivated to [...]

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