Where our water comes from… I’ve had quite a few emails and messages asking where we’re getting our water from during the current drought. During the millennium drought the NSW Govt. introduced an initiative that involved the caping and p…iping of all bore drains in an area that extends from Goondiwindi and out west and south. Previously water had flowed naturally up from the depths of the Great Artesian Basin. Like many areas in our part of the world the water flowed from a bore head (our nearest was put down in 1901) and along a network of bore drains dug manually by landowners. There is now a network of underground poly pipes stretching hundreds of miles through paddocks and along stock routes linking tanks and watering troughs. We still have dams, creeks and rivers which have to be monitored continually for bogged, weak stock as the waterways dry up, but the Cape and Pipe scheme, although extraordinarily $$$ is proving its weight in gold. As for drinking water when we run out we have to buy it and have it carted in in water tankers to fill homestead tanks.