There has been a lot of dust flying over the last couple of weeks courtesy of numerous tractors, one grader and a road-train. We’ve been laser levelling the cotton country to allow for even irrigation once the crop is in the ground.









Firstly the country is cultivated to create loose soil, then the laser levellers start at the end of the field and scoop up the loose dirt from the cultivating in a bucket.








The soil is then carted to the top of the field and the dirt is dropped where it is needed. The gradient (fall) of each field is measured by GPS (satellite) so that any uneven patches – high or low spots – are  made even. The grader has been re-forming channels (the ditches the water runs through around the fields) and doing some road repairs. The work will make the farm run more efficiently by ensuring optimum water usage.















The plant line-up and the crew line-up!