Each week Jack the Kelpie and friends will be presenting the ‘Dog Blog’. A brief roundup of what’s happening around the property and more importantly what’s occurring in their lives. To kick start the project Jack would like to introduce himself.

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‘G’day. I’m an eight month old black and tan Kelpie. My name’s Jack but some of the ladies prefer to call me Jacky. Being the masculine type I can get away with it. I live with my half sister Jill (painful) and as she’s younger I’ve been trying to show her the ropes but it’s a slow process. These modern families aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. She’s got a bad habit of chasing the work vehicles when she’s not tied up and of jumping off the back of the quad bike when she should be obeying orders. Anyway I just know it’s going to be one of those weeks. Nicole tells me that I have to be patient with Jill, show her the ropes. Personally I think it’s a great pity that I can’t hang a ‘P Plater’ sign off her backside. Then everyone else would have fair warning. Until next week folks, chew slowly and remember;

‘The oxen is slow but the earth is patient.’