Rain. Yep, we finally got some liquid gold.

One minute we're sweeping the dust off the back porch, the next we're sweeping the mud off. Yes it's rained, in a big way. We had 110 glorious mils yesterday which in the old scale is 440 points.             We'll be planting crops on this....         And [...]

The Dog Blog-He’s Just Not That Into You Jill…

It’s been a torrid week. Firstly still no rain, secondly we switched dog biscuit brands with ordinary results. I keep telling the two-legged’s, don’t let some shop-keeper tell you what I like. I know what I like. I’ve always been a two hat dog at the least, anything under and it doesn’t make the grade. [...]

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The Dog Blog: by Jack the kelpie

With the drought on-going there's been very little happening stock-wise. My tw0-legged mates are out feeding cattle everyday, which while it has to be done is very boring for us dogs. So I decided it was time to get my half-sister Jill a bit motivated. Now that the mornings are cooling off a bit I've [...]

Heroic figures in an ancient land.

I love art. Had I not been born with the ability to draw stick figures with all the panache of a dyslexic caterpillar I would certainly have attempted more than the few contemporary canvases I painted at boarding school. I once even had go ala Pro Hart. However throwing tins of paint on a piece [...]

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The drought: A crucial moment in history

The outback has always evoked themes of struggle and survival, epitomised in tales of bushrangers, drovers, rural women and lost children. Certainly any debate about National Identity usually gives consideration to rural Australian life, particularly as it is portrayed in painting, music, literature, film and most importantly, foods. To an extent rural Australia still helps [...]

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Where our water comes from... I've had quite a few emails and messages asking where we're getting our water from during the current drought. During the millennium drought the NSW Govt. introduced an initiative that involved the caping and p...iping of all bore drains in an area that extends from Goondiwindi and out west and [...]

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Barossa Valley Blog

It's hard to do justice to the beautiful Barossa Valley. One of the world's greatest wine regions, it is known for its food and wine and stunning scenery. It was raining most of today, but the glorious sight of low clouds misting verdant rolling hills in a series of foamy tendrils was mesmerising. Okay, I [...]

Penny Blatchford – the accidental activist

Penny Blatchford, wife, farmer and accidental activist joins me to talk about Coal Seam Gas and farmers rights... or lack of. Can one early Sunday morning phone call really change the direction of your life? I guess looking back and reflecting on what was the trigger one simple act by someone that was unknown to [...]

At 15 years of age Sandy Bauer is making the most of living & studying in the Northern Territory.

I live on a station called ‘Brunchilly Station,’ which is 5,136km square and holds 22,000 head of cattle. Brunchilly Station is in the middle of the Northern Territory, 1 ½ hours north of Tennant Creek which is our nearest small town.  Brunchilly is one of fifteen properties owned by Sir Sidney Kidman & Co. My [...]

500 communities, 1300 volunteers: Davida Melksham leads by example.

500 communities, 1300 volunteers cris-crossing rural and remote Australia offering everything from diaster support to a friendly ear and a cuppa. Meet this week's inspiring woman, Davida Melksham of Outback Links. This Like so many other women who wear many hats, I often struggle to come up with a suitable introduction.  Quite simply, it is [...]

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