Jack’s sniff-a-bility..

A sniff-a-bility rating is crucial to my line of work. Or, to put it basically, the nose, knows. If a dog were allowed greater freedoms within the two-legged world - yes, even in canine terms there is such a thing as a glass ceiling!, I have no doubt that a few, hand-picked finely tuned dogs [...]

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The Dog Blog: Home at last

Ah, home. The anticipation as the miles dwindle. That view from the rear of the truck as you bump over the last ramp. There's that smell. The scent of knowing. Of knowing that this is where you belong, of knowing where every hole in the fence is and where every buried bone is, of understanding the [...]

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The Dog Blog: On the road-Jack’s view.

Well G'day! I've been pretty busy as everyone knows. Doing the hard yards in the Long paddock droving cattle requires patience, fortitude and determination. Did I mention patience? In truth I've decided that droving cows and calves is a bit boring after a while. Where are the renegade bolting steers, the knarly dry cows, the [...]

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Around the camp-fire: The ghost dog

So, here I am with the team, three weeks into my droving job. The chilly nights have eased off a touch over the last week and so after the Boss goes to bed we dogs sit around the remains the campfire and discuss the day’s events. Butch, a cross-eyed sheep dog who has a keen [...]

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Let the games begin – The Dog Blog

Sometimes the most ordinary of days become extraordinary. So it was last Friday when friends visited the big house and along with them came a - CATTLE DOG. Yep, fun for one and all. That is until Tinkerbell ... yep, that's her name Tinkerbell was left in the car. A city dog with a country [...]

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Jack and the long-drop

Well we know winter's here when the black-outs start. No power, means no hot showers, no internet and grumpy two-leggeds. I was just a whipper-snipper last winter but I seem to recall numerous black-outs and a lot of barbeques with the cooks wearing beanies... not attractive. The thing is, out here the service isn't that [...]

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The Dog Blog: Jill gives birth

It was with trepidation that I listened to Jill whine. The tone wasn’t familiar. My half-sister usually fluctuated between the high pitched barking of a demanding female, ‘look at me’ or the more nasal, whimpering, ‘give me some’. Either way I’d grown used to her ways, but last week it was different. Jill sounded scared, [...]

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The Dog Blog: King of the river.

I love swimming. Ever since I was a little nipper I’ve been drawn to the water. I can remember sitting in my water dish after a hot day and feeling the pads of my paws cool. Ever since then I’ve been addicted. Of course like most dogs I’m a shade seeker as well. Shady trees [...]

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Jack & the Easter bunny

It was the rabbits that made me realise it was Easter. Nicole and I were out on one of the cultivations hooking the utility up to the fuel trailer when I saw them. It was last Thursday night and I must admit with the moon still full I was a bit nervy. You see earlier [...]

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The Dog Blog: Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

I thought the two-legged’s were going to have some sort of fit with the length this dry spell was going on for. But then it actually rained. You would have thought it was Christmas. There was a lot of talking loudly and sitting watching the rain fall and a bottle of fizzy stuff was popped. [...]

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