Sometimes the most ordinary of days become extraordinary. So it was last Friday when friends visited the big house and along with them came a –


Yep, fun for one and all. That is until Tinkerbell … yep, that’s her name Tinkerbell was left in the car. A city dog with a country attitude this gal had travelled down from the coast after having spent a couple of days in a boarding kennel. Anyone could have told you that once that pooch got loose she was gonna be in a real bad mood. I was tied up immediately on the grounds that I’d go straight over and pick a fight. To be honest it had crossed my mind. There was that nice piece of glass, the car window between her and me and enough space left for her to stick her nose through and maybe, just maybe get stuck. But it didn’t happen. Jill and I spent the night on the chain, and Tinkerbell on the back seat. I had visions of her tongue frosted to the window come dawn but no such luck.

doggThe next day, Tinkerbell was allowed out for a comfort break. And Jill, who’d managed to do a Houdini was off the chain and observing the newcomer.¬†They seemed to hit it off okay and with only one of Jill’s brood left, Yap, the three of them were sniffing and playing and getting along mighty fine. Then all hell broke loose.

FIGHT CLUB… In my own yard. Those two girls went at each other like Gladiators. There was hair and dog spit and blood and yelps. It took three two-leggeds to separate them and a garden rake. As for me, well I sat back and enjoyed the show. I haven’t seen anything better since, come to think of it I’ve simply never seen anything better. After the entertainment was over and Tinkerbell dragged back to the car, Jill needed a bit of a look over. There were injuries, but no Blood Bin required, which put a bit of a dampener on things for me. The real casualty was Yap, he whimpered and whined for a good ten minutes after witnessing the event. Let’s hope the little fella isn’t scarred for life having witnessed his mother in attack mode.

It certainly wet my appetite though. Rambo reruns anyone?