I love swimming. Ever since I was a little nipper I’ve been drawn to the water. I can remember sitting in my water dish after a hot day and feeling the pads of my paws cool. Ever since then I’ve been addicted. Of course like most dogs I’m a shade seeker as well. Shady trees are my favourite spots, although there are a couple of sandy spots under the house that have my name on them and cars aren’t bad either for both shade and a breeze. Being under the vehicle means you never miss out on any action either. Once that ute door closes I’m up in the back and ready to go.


But back to swimming. After a long day mustering or just driving around checking on stock and fences and crops and grass growth in the paddock there’s nothing better than a quick dip in a dam, river or a trough to cool off. Of course during summer I’m a two swims a day dog.  I can cross the Boomi River in no time at all and I should add that where I’m concerned there is no such thing as dog paddling. I don’t paddle, there’s muscle in these legs. I’m a churner of water and I can hold my breath with the best of them. Give me dog goggles and a snorkel and just see how far I can swim under water.


Now the cold mornings have arrived I’m still swimming however taking a dip in this frosty weather calls for perfect timing. Between three and four in the afternoon is about the pick of the day because there’s still enough daylight to dry off before the evening cool sets in. My half- sister Jill took some time to become interested in swimming but occasionally she’ll dive right in after me and come up coughing and spluttering. She is a paddler, but at least she’s having a go.

Until next time remember: If the grass is patchy underfoot move to where it’s greener.