With the drought on-going there’s been very little happening stock-wise. My tw0-legged mates are out feeding cattle everyday, which while it has to be done is very boring for us dogs. So I decided it was time to get my half-sister Jill a bit motivated. Now that the mornings are cooling off a bit I’ve been taking her out for dawn walks, Nicole comes as well but she’s been a bit out of action due to a shoulder injury so it’s been left to me to ensure that Jill’s training proceeds. 20140316_074037

It started off well. We trotted off down the road and Jill was managing a steady pace until she took off after some kangaroo’s. Well blow me down, if that gal can’t run. She’s a speedy little mutt. Zig-zagging between the belah and wilga trees, jumping logs and scrabbling down the river bank. Of course the roo got away. Even I can’t catch them, but she put in a good effort.



‘That was great,’ she panted.

‘Well it looks like you’ve been hiding your light under a bush,’ I snapped back, ‘no more tailing the back of the mob when we’re out mustering.’

Jill lifted her top lip.

‘Don’t even think about it. You know what happened last time,’ I countered, ‘you were out for the count within seconds.’ Jill narrowed those eyes of hers, which frankly are a little too close together for my liking, but then she is a half-sister. It must be genetic on that side  of the family.

Anyway, next thing I know one of our neighbours came trotting down the road. We’ll call him Rodger for privacy’s sake, but I don’t mind saying that this orange piece of fluff thinks he’s God’s gift to women. He puffed that excuse for a tail in the air and suddenly Jill was the most amenable kelpie in the world. Women.


By the time we got home, Jill was on the lawn preening herself and Rodger was taking selfies to put in Jill’s kennel. You won’t believe what happened next…. but I’ll save that for next week. Until then Rodger, remember,

‘Bark loudly, because out here it’s possible no-one will hear you scream.’

(with apologies to the movie Alien).