A South Australian gem – Bungaree Station

I love it when I come upon properties that are still in the hands of their original owners, stations that have been passed down from one generation to the next, kept alive and preserved so they can continue to share their captivating tales of dedication, love and toil. Bungaree Station in South Australia is one [...]

Writing our pastoral history – Soldier Settlers and the opening up of the bush

Our first agricultural college was established in 1883 at Roseworthy in South Australia. Gradually, other farm schools sprung up across the country, with women admitted to some during World War I to develop farming skills while the men were away at war. However not everyone received the training required when it came to learning how to [...]

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Who’s big in agriculture in Australia & where’d they get the $ to buy?

The big three in agriculture have had an impressive year. Mining and property is clearly where the money is when it comes to investing those spare shingles and diversifying into beef. The big story of the year on the purchasing front was of course, the doyenne of mining, Gina Rinehart, who, thanks to a solid [...]

Halfway between Birdsville and Innamincka: Cordillo Downs Woolshed

If the stone walls of the Cordillo Downs Woolshed could talk… Throughout the years the station has witnessed many significant events; Shearers chalked up an impressive 85,000 sheep shearing record, it was once regarded as the largest shearing shed in the world, was overrun with rats and in 1952, was even the location of an [...]

On the squatters run – Challicum Woolshed

At a time when the Australian wool export industry was firing on all cylinders, many of our colonial ancestors drifted across country Victoria in search of fertile pastoral land to run their sheep. Squatters and pastoralists were cashing in on the flourishing wool business, exporting their product to England, and becoming very wealthy along the [...]

Sunrise. Sunset: The bush almanac

Sunrise and sunset. These are my favourite times of the day, when the sun is near the horizon straddling the rim of the earth, as it either embarks on bringing us a new day or dwindles towards nightfall. The best photos are taken at this time when sunlight travels through a greater depth of atmosphere, [...]

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St John’s First Aid: 900 years on the crusaders are still helping the sick and those in distress

When you live remotely providing first aid at an accident is not a matter of if you might be called upon, but rather when. Recently the Bourke Walgett School of Distance Education P&C Association raised funds to hold a free St John’s Ambulance NSW First Aid course for parents, teachers, supervisors, governesses and other community members [...]

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One of a kind: Isis Downs woolshed

Deep within the grazing country of Central Queensland sits the heritage listed Isis Downs Woolshed. It’s located 20km east of the small township of Isisford, bordered by the Barcoo river, a system that flows towards the expansive Lake Eyre in central Australia. The waterway forms a natural dividing line between the outback and the remoter [...]

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‘Herd for Hope’: Driving cattle across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sometimes fabulous ideas get stymied. And so it seems that the ‘Herd for Hope’ fundraiser that was set to see a herd of cattle being driven across the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge has hit a major roadblock of the bureaucracy kind. With the event planned to raise much needed recognition for organ donation and set [...]

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Everyone knows milk comes from the fridge.

I often find myself having discussions about food security. The availability and access to food is something taken for granted by many. We go to the supermarket or butcher and purchase our groceries with little thought that one day an item may not be available; that is until we reach for say the banana’s or [...]

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