Tia Carrigan on designing for women: Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival is wrapping up in Brisbane after week long fashion shows, conferences and celebrating the start of the Spring season. I find it interesting that people are curious for the latest trends and what the next big thing in fashion will be. As much as I scrutinize fashion magazines, people-watch unconsciously and crave innovation and creative originality, I always seem to come back to the same conclusion. I have enough trouble finding, buying and wearing clothing that I like, look decent in and that suit my lifestyle, that incorporating new creative trends with these needs is a big ask. There is so much a woman must think about regarding her clothing, long before the latest trends are even contemplated, or should be contemplated – her unique body shape, what styles suit her height, weight and proportions, what colour suits her skin tone and her hair colour, her age and the age she feels, what shoes she wears, what tasks fill her day, does she have access to drycleaners, will she have a baby on her shoulder….

I have such admiration for those women, and I know a select few, that have that innate sense of style for putting together an amazing outfit while taking into account the above conditions and looking fresh, unique and innovative without compromising their own personal style….I’m exhausted just thinking about it! I suppose the situation of dressing myself has always been one which I loathe. And so this seems to be the backbone of my clothing label – comfortable, versatile clothing that suits many different body shapes as well as simple, classic designs with a point of difference such as a vibrant colour or print. It really shouldn’t be too hard to find clothes you enjoy wearing and that suit your shape and lifestyle, while also giving you the freedom to incorporate a few current trends for fun. And therefore, that’s why I design clothes!  www.tiacarrigan.com.au