It’s raining here today. The clouds swirled in from the northwest last night and everyone held their collective breaths. We were fortunate to receive 50 mills ten days ago. Our crops were suffering after a marginal start to the sowing season in April and the recent rain has made all the difference. We grow wheat, barley, chickpeas, oats and faber beans and the plants are a lush shade of green after the recent nitrogen and moisture fix. Todays rain will fix moisture profiles and assure many in our region of a good harvest (The pic’s from last year’s harvest-the tractor’s pulling a chaser bin which is used to cart grain b/t headers & bins) . Just as well. The novelty of less than average seasons is starting to wear thin for many. Outside the landscape is a rain blur of dirt road, corrugated iron work sheds, variegated shades of green and a sodden cloud sky.  I’ve been doing some work in the garden over the weekend and have just realised I ran out of time yesterday to put some gypsum on a patch of lawn next to our patio. Oh well, one thing about living out bush is that you can be assured of sunny days over spring and summer-not sure about the 40 degree heat though. Ps July’s poetry comp was won by lone entrant Louise.