If you are a writer, or attempting to become one or simply interested in honing your skills, a writing course can be a great help. For one they make us concentrate on the task at hand, discipline is a writer’s best friend, secondly they can open our eyes to not only the technicalities of the craft but also the possibilities of the written word; thirdly retreats inspire because by their very nature they draw us inward and outward, the very process of creation. Writer’s retreats have been popular for many years. The opportunity to emerse yourself in a dedicated environment with like-minded individuals should not be underestimated. Sure there are many authors who have never been to a creative writing course, but there are also tons that have and it is true to say that those who avail themselves of the experience invariably come away with invaluable information, secondly they will have no doubt decided whether writing is something that they wish to pursue. Attending a writer’s course doesn’t mean that you will necessary find your writer’s ‘voice’ or lose the one you already have… contrary to some comments I’ve heard, but you will learn and education is something everyone needs, continually, lets face it, we are learning all of our lives.

Write with Nicole Alexander

I’m delighted to be participating in Novel Writing Retreats Australia Tasmanian based courses next year. These 9 day/8 night  novel writing retreats will be located at Taroona, Tasmania (just south of Hobart) from early 2014. Each retreat has a retreat facilitator and an established novelist to help guide writers, including some New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling novelists plus me! I’ll be heading south to the Apple Isle from the 1-9th March. Head here to read an interview I recently gave. Each retreat includes accommodation (in your own room) and meals.

There are six places available at each retreat, so book early here to avoid disappointment. Want to learn how to write sweeping sagas? Here’s your chance.

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