Thanks for having me over Nicole. At the moment everyone is seeding here and hoping for the right rain at the right time to get the crops up and away. So there is no time off for farmers. Luckily, I don’t have a farm which means I can get away and I have few trips planned.

The first being the Romance Writers of Australia Conference in August, which I’m attending again. This year it’s in Perth, Fremantle to be exact and for once I won’t have to buy flights! Just a short 400k drive to Freo, but first I’ll be swinging past the Airport to pick up Margareta Osborn as we will be bunking together for the conference.  I cannot rave enough about the RWA Conference. It is such a fabulous event and I love catching up with all my writing friends. It’s so refreshing to actually sit, face to face, have a coffee and discuss all things writing. Living in the middle of nowhere, miles from the next writer, this is my time to connect. And yes, I usually lose my voice by the last day. To any aspiring writers, please do think about going. You won’t regret it as the RWA community is so supportive.fee

My following trip is in September and the worst part is I fly out to Italy a week before my next book The Outback Heart is released. Bad timing, I know. For 3 weeks I’ll be out of the loop and will not be doing any book tours. I’m sure the sights of Venice, Florence, Rome, Pompeii etc will keep me more than occupied. I am rather excited, as it will be my first big trip overseas. (Bali doesn’t count as its closer than going to visit my brother in QLD)

But it’s not just a sightseeing trip, it will also be a research trip for my 6th book. So you are guaranteed a section on Italy will appear in my next ‘currently unnamed’ book. I am travelling with three other ladies, which helps save on costs. I have already organised my international drivers licence. Yes, I’ll be navigating the country roads, hopefully sticking to the right side of it. I have been warned it can be very scary driving with the Italians but it can’t be any worse than racing on the speedway track. I should fit right in.

And for those who have picked up my latest book The Sunburnt Country, I hope you have enjoyed it and that it also gave you an insight on our rural life and how farming is at the moment for some people.