Hi Nicole, thank you so much for having me!

 Morgan’s Law is about to be released and I’m looking forward to its release with equal measures of excitement and nervous biting of nails! I think it’s commonly referred to as BTS…Book Two Syndrome! Morgan’s Law is set in a small rural town somewhere between Emerald and Miles in central QLD. Why the somewhere? Well that’s because that’s roughly where it was when I came up with the plot while travelling in that area last year!

 Where I live is vastly different to these book settings, but share many of the same elements. I’m a small town girl—pure and simple. I don’t like crowds or traffic or public transport (my apologies to any public transport supports out there- but I hyperventilate at the thought of having to switch buses/trains/ferry’s just to get to work!) Nope, give me a peaceful little town where you don’t have to stress about which tollway to avoid, any day! However I might point out Macksville is quite the busy little town now days with not one, but threetraffic lights! Yep we’re an up and coming metropolises! 

We have the best of so many worlds here in Macksville, on the banks of the Nambucca River. We have beaches not far down stream, farm land all around us, and bushland with hidden pockets of rainforest scattered throughout.

 I love the history of the towns in my area, and having researched lately for an upcoming book, I get goose bumps when I realise how special it is to be living in a town where my family has such a long family connection.  I hope you enjoy Morgan’s Law and I look forward to sharing more stories with you in the future.

About Morgan’s Law

Sarah Murphy returns to Australia in desperate need of a change of scenery. When she heads to the country to fulfil her grandmother’s dying wish she has no idea what to expect. As Sarah journeys towards greater insight into both herself and her grandmother’s mysterious past she encounters obstacles in the form of the powerful local Morgan family and discovers a small town struggling to stay alive.

Adding to her distraction are the attentions of a handsome local farmer…  But when she finds herself involved in a rescue plan to save the small town—she quickly learns she has become far more invested than she had intended and continuing to dig into her gran’s past could ultimately hurt the people she’s grown to love. Can she trade her high-flying career in London for a chance at a more simple life and the possibility of true love?

Morgan’s Law takes you on a compelling journey into a young woman’s hopes and dreams…