Welcome to Western Australia Rural Romance writer, Fiona Palmer. Today Fiona talks a little about her life and shares her latest novel with us, The Road Home. It’s out now! Enjoy… 

‘My day’s are a bit easier with getting up around six am and getting the kids ready to catch their school bus by 7.30. I like to check FB and my emails in the morning in between getting some housework done and then I’ll get into my writing. But it never goes to plan most of the time. I still work two days a week at the Agsolutions shop next door. (this is mainly for my sanity, I need to get out of the house!!)

At the moment it’s quiet community wise, as our progress association has cut down our meetings but I’ve just taken on a new role to help put our community needs forward to the local shire. In a tiny town, there are just not enough people to do all the jobs. I’m the youngest in our community, who is having to take over from the older generation who have been doing these jobs for fifteen years or more. So I can’t say no. You do what you do to try to keep your town going. But in amongst all that I have just released my 3rd novel, The Road Home, and managed to finish the first draft on my 4th book. My new book is in stores now…’

 When your life is at a crossroads, how do you find the road home?

Lara Turner has a boyfriend, a nice house in the city and a chance at a big promotion. So when her brother calls asking her to come home, she hesitates. Can she face the memories that inhabit the beloved place of her childhood? And how does she feel with the news it’s to be sold? Is she the answer to saving the family farm?

Jack Morgan has memories of his own to contend with. A falling-out with his family and a bitter end to a past relationship have left a big chip on his shoulder. When his best mate’s beautiful sister arrives on the scene, he finds himself deeply conflicted.

Lara and Jack have a powerful attraction but are constantly at odds. Will their love of the same land keep them apart, or grow into a love of a different kind?

From the bestselling author of The Family Farm and Heart of Gold comes a heartwarming novel about finding your true place in the world, and the healing power of the land.

Lara’s story came about from girls who are born on the land, raised on it but when they need high school they are sent away to boarding schools. And from there they do Uni and most end up living in the city. I wanted to write about Lara, who thought she was a city girl but really was a country girl at heart.  But it’s not just about Lara, her brother Noah and his best mate Jack all have a story to tell.