Beer trucks and books. It doesn’t sound like a normal union however you would be surprised at how some things get delivered up here on the border. Rachael our friendly publican at the Pioneer Hotel in Boomi rang me on friday.

‘Hi Nicole. I just wanted to let you know that a parcel arrived for you today on the beer truck. It’s from Random House so I figured it could be important.’

Ah the months of writing, editorial decisions, marketing know-how and savvy PR that goes into a written work! I could just see my box of books – actually, I’d forgotten they would be coming – nestled between the kegs enroute from the village of Garah; forty minutes of travelling over bumpy, flood damaged roads in the sun. Of course one thing I could be assured of is that the beer truck,, despite, flood, drought, famine, disease – the end of the world type scenario – usually always gets through.

The ‘better half’ enroute to a friday afternoon ‘networking’ meeting collected the box and brought it home safe and sound.

So here is the B format of A Changing Land which will be out again in March. Cheers!