Not quite twelve months on from the release of The Bark Cutters and I’m down to counting sleeps before the publication of A Changing Land (March 1st 2011). This release seems to have come around very quickly and I’m still in the throes of getting ready for a ‘BIG’ tour to promote the work. Although A Changing Land is the sequel to The Bark Cutters I have written it as a stand-alone work so that anyone who has not read the first book will easily understand the story. Having said that for those of you waiting to see how the relationships develope between Sarah & Anthony and Hamish & Claire, I’m sure you’ll be intrigued to see what happens to their respective characters. And if you’ve ever wondered why Angus Gordon was such a property obsessed, cantankerous old bugger in The Bark Cutters, well you’ll find out in A Changing Land. There are new characters and old in this continuing rural saga and the themes remain big: Tragedy, revenge, unrequited love, forbidden love and the ghosts of ages past. It’s all set against a backdrop of big skies, a breathe it in bush landscape and even bigger ambitions. This is the Australian bush after all!