Crossing the bridge 'I forgot something'.

Continuing the ‘after the party blog’.

Stage two. The river approach!

Gaven threw a thong on the way in, was attacked by bull ants and hit a burr patch in four feet of water-not pretty. Luckily we had enough beer to dull the pain. Brooke arrived with three bottles of wine, perfume (to combat the flood smell) and a maxi dress for the dinner party. Gotta love a girl who gets her priorities right. David probably had the worst of it with two one hour round trips as guide, while I was cook and bottle washer. At least we were prepared having boated in supplies a few days prior. There was half a beast in the freezer and enough frozen veggies to stop any scurvy should things worsen. So here we are at stage two. Having done the quad bike ride from house to boat, then boat to hilux, we drove a kilometre to the bridge. If you’re a wearer of short skirts you’ll get an idea of how deep the water was however eventually we all made it out safely. I’ve decamped to my parents place. Access here is becoming too difficult and flood water from the Whalan creek is due to arrive at the main homestead where my parents are in a couple of days. I can be of more use there and besides, even if Tom Cruise was visiting this part of the world, nothing compares to mum’s lamb roast!