Karlene Blakemore-Mowle writes: I really had no clue what I was doing before I joined Romance Writers of Australia a little over twelve months ago, and now, looking back, I wish I’d taken the plunge a lot earlier. After seeing an American e-book publisher advertising for submissions in a RWA newsletter, I worked up the courage to submit a story I’d written, titled Fallout, and within two weeks had a request for the complete manuscript. Three weeks later, I was offered my very first contract. I was a little wary of e-books, and to some degree still am on a personal level. I prefer to read my books in print, I can’t imagine buying e-books and reading off a screen or handheld device for enjoyment, yet it’s a growing industry and I guess it will eventually become more popular in Australia. While this thought distressed me at first, I’ve come to realise, I don’t think it will ever replace print titles, simply give an alternative to a new generation. They do have a lot of positive points, my husband for one would love that I would no longer need to have him put up more book shelves for one! The cost is a lot more appealing, my titles sell for around $4.50 US, and you can store so many of them on the one device, but as with the whole gadget craze- I prefer to put in a CD and press play than try and figure out how to work an ipod!!! But that’s just me. I currently have three books available through e-publishers in both print and e-book format and am enjoying the adventure.

You can visit me at http://karlybm.blogspot.com for romantic suspense or http://karlenelane.webs.com for my rural titles.