Ebooks are the current vogue. This became very apparent to me at Christmas when my elder brother gave his nine year old son a kindle reader. Sitting cross-legged on the floor beside my excited nephew, I was unwrapping books! ‘Great,’ I said to my brother, ‘there’s a writer in the family and you’re buying portable electronic devices.’ ‘Don’t worry Auntie Nick,’ my nephew commented, I’ll still read real books.’ This from a kid who’s been reared on his fair share of XBox and other assorted electronic devices! True to his word the young man in question has just finished reading The Book Thief in paperback. My nephew takes the best of both worlds and blends them together.  More writers should attempt the same. Ebook publishing is no longer the domain of writers unable to break into traditional publishing. It is part of a healthy marketing mix where established authors such as Stephen King are reaping huge benefits. Within a day of epublishing his short story for A$2.73 more than 400,000 people bought it (ASA N/Ltr Feb 2010-ebook evolution). Of course many writers can only dream of such lofty sales figures however ebooks represent an untapped opportunity regardless of whether you are writing your memoirs, delving into family history or trying your hand at fiction. For further reading check out: How To Write & Publish Your Own ebook by Jim Edwards & Joe Vitale – it’s an ebook!