Guest blogger Fleur McDonald writes: I accidently fell into writing. Yep, I’d always love to write: poetry, short stories and so on. I never thought I’d be good enough to get a publishing contract.

Believing in your ability to do something is often hard. Staring at a blank computer screen, wondering how I’m going to fill it with 100,000 is daunting and I often question my ability, as does the famous singer Stinger, does. On hearing that interview, I felt I was in company!

When Red Dust was picked up, I still didn’t believe I was good enough to have a book in the book stores! My editor kept sending me short emails: ‘You CAN write. You CAN write!‘

I did have a turning point though.  Red Dust was shortlisted for the ABIA and R*BY Awards, this year. I was shortlisted with two of my favourite authors and I sat at the computer screen, staring at my name alongside three others, I suddenly wondered if I could do it? Maybe I could!

I’m a farmer, by trade and a mum to two – one with a learning disability. Those things take up most of my time, but I’ve found that if you really love something, you’ll find time to do it. That’s how I wrote Blue Skies: two hours, once a week, in our accountants’ office! Sometimes I do find more time at home, but not often.

If love something and wonder if you’re good at it – then find out. Take the plunge!