Isn’t it strange how we make an effort to do some things, but not others. If there was a bucket list for daily chores surely washing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom would never see light. Nor book-work for that matter. That is unless you have something else you’d rather not be doing and then procrastination can become an art form. You’d be surprised the joy I get out of cleaning the shower if it means I don’t have to go shopping. And I mean any shopping. I’m the girl who rushes in to buy chops and salad on a regular basis. It’s not that I don’t like food. I love it, but I do have to be in the mood to put up with kamikaze trolleys and those who feel the need to clip your heels in the aisle like impatient driver’s tail-gating you on the road. And if you’ve ever tried to find 70 watt bayonet light bulbs among the halogens, dimmers and screw, then you’ll know my pain.

Being a ‘buy only when needed’ gal, I’m not much better with clothes shopping either, which means that all those enticing advertisements are rather wasted on me, particularly if there’s a size eight ‘give me a bean I’m hungry’ model lounging uncomfortably on a half-shaved teenager. Nope. Lost me.

I’m probably at the ‘What the?’ end of the spectrum when it comes to retail therapy. I didn’t always hate shopping, but I spent time living and working in Singapore some years back and after the first six months anything retail after that drove me to distraction. Maybe it had something to do with the sales assistants who back then trailed you around every shiny shelf and surface while continually asking where you’d come from and had you eaten yet. Food being the past-time in Singapore, after shopping of course.

It’s different here in Oz. On a recent trip to Sydney I was looking for a new pair of boots. The shoes I found, but getting the attention of someone to assist me was a different matter. I left without buying. There was literally no-one to help in that section at the time. I guess the sales assistant at David Jones had something better to do. Maybe she was out the back washing the dishes.

And yes, I am meant to be doing something else – accounts.