We had a bit of an epic mustering job on saturday. The mustering of 500 head of cows and calfs from our western block ended up taking eight and half hours instead of the usual four. In a day of dramas one of our crew took sick and left mid-mustering to sit in the work truck and recouperate for an hour or so which left the remaining two of us to muster a fairly scrubby paddock which has some of the roughest ground on our holding. It was twice into the paddock to double check none had been missed before we began the long walk back to the main homestead. We had coffee and homemade biscuits to sustain us however no lunch (thinking we’d be back in time for that!) With my parents away there was no ‘red cross phone call’ that could be made for supplies so it was a very hungry and tired threesome who arrived back at the homestead at 4.30pm. Lucky our sick team member managed to finish the day after a bit of a rest and we all went home and collasped. We got the mob most of the way home and eventually left them in a staging paddock before bringing them the rest of way home yesterday. As many of you know I have a back that is pretty well ——– when it comes to big ‘saddle’ days however a new quad with great suspension means I can actually do a bit more now (although saturday was pushing it). Three hot baths since then liberally dosed with epsom salts is just working. Here’s the new quad  … and a few pics of the tail of the mob on the way home. Here we are crossing a fallow cultivation hence the dust. We called in reinforcements, utilising both bike and horse power!   You can see Bill in the distance and that yellow ‘thing’ is courtesy of a stray neighbours bull. We’re weaning some of the calfs which means the feeding of them in the yards for a few days before being trucked to another paddock. With the dry continuing unfortuantely we have to sacrifice one of wheat paddock for the weaners out of this mob.