Well it’s a good ten days since my last blog. I figured everyone would be a little over the situation up here and in the meantime I spent a bit of time destressing and checking things on farm with dad. I still cant get into Barra easily, so am up to week four since I’ve seen David. His team are getting in and out through an adjoining property via a utility modified with tractor tyres followed by a boat. Amazingingly they have been irrigating the cotton over the last ten days while the water was swirling around the levee on the outside. Am hoping to see David this weekend. He hasn’t been out at all since the severe flooding began and didn’t see some of his team for a week when water cut the property in half. He was working at one end and they were at the other.  At least he hasn’t run out of food! Of the frozen variety. The water is gradually getting away over here at mum and dad’s place. We ended up with 12,000 acres flooded which will be beneficial in some places and obviously not in others. The hot weather has started to dry all the feed that wasn’t flooded and there is a pungent aroma of rotting grasses where the water has receded. We begin crutching the sheep next week and are trying to get cultivations prepared for our winter crop program where possible. Everyone seems to be half sh—- and half relieved around the area. For some it could have been much worse, for others much better – I guess we are somewhere inbetween!