After seven weeks I finally managed to drive my car back to my place last night. The water has receded around the property where David and I live, with the river now a slow moving brown surrounded by sludge and rotting vegetation. Sandflies have been replaced by mozzies and at nine pm last night I was watering my wilted garden. Having been over at me parents place the last six nights my house isn’t the cleanest. We have been trying to harvest and David has been working all hours on his harvest and the cotton as well. You haven’t seen a dirty kitchen floor until you’ve seen mine! While the water is down here over at the main homestead things haven’t improved. There are still crops cut off by water and eager¬†harvesting contractors keen to finish the job to move to the next. Harvest is a painful process at the best of times however this year it’s proving particularly challenging. On the book front I was fortunate to be asked to do Booktopia’s 10 Terrifying Questions so have attached link to this page. It came out yesterday am however we had the power out all day.