Enjoyed a quick visit to Sydney last week. Having been hunkered down at my desk completing the sequel to The Bark Cutters it was great to have a complete change of scenery. The visit ended up being quite cultural. I thoroughly enjoyed West Side Story. It’s a fantastic musical and the cast was incredibly dynamic. Next I saw Knight & Day; Tom Cruise’s get me back to good guy status comedic adventure flick. I’m not a huge fan however it was a very entertaining film. Lastly my sister and I checked out the Abstractions art exhibition at the Art Gallery, becoming absorbed in the works of Picasso and my favourite, Kandinsky: naturally a long lunch followed! The trip wasn’t all play however. I had a couple of signings in the CBD and was fortunate to be  interviewed on the ABCs First Tuesday Book Club web site. http://www.abc.net.au/tv/firsttuesday/video/web_extras/2010.htm