The task of turning a raw manuscript into a published novel.

Editing is one of those processes that can be time-consuming, hair-pulling, enjoyable, go outside and put your head in a bucket of water or a mixture of all four. The editing of Absolution Creek (like the writing of it) has been stalled intermittantly once again by mother nature. With 130 pages to go this edit has been [...]

Why the Germans love Australian outback novels

Selling rights overseas is an exciting process. Writers yearn for that extra exposure and live in the hope that sales into one territory may hopefully lead to others elsewhere. It doesn't always happen of course especially in the financial age we currently live in. However if you write rural literature in Australia you can pretty [...]

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Bookclub Deal-Germany

Bertelsmann Bookclub Germany have purchased the rights to The Bark Cutters for a Premier Book Club Edition (Hardback). The Premier edition will be published before the Trade editions of  The Bark Cutters, and the Book club will release in hardback in January 2012.

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Catriona Rowntree says…

Ok-so you do have to read nearly the entire article to find me-but it was nice to see. Thanks to Janice for sending this through. Hot off the press 2oth Aug.   In brief C.R. says: What's next on your reading list? Apart from the mountain of research for my next destination, I just grabbed [...]

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The Bark Cutters / ebook

For all of you requesting more information on obtaining The Bark Cutters in ebook format it is now available. Random House Australia have a great question & answer page on their web site which explains the ebook process: Although Random House Australia does not sell ebooks directly to the public their titles are currently available through Borders Australia, Amazon’s [...]

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First Tuesday Book Club

Enjoyed a quick visit to Sydney last week. Having been hunkered down at my desk completing the sequel to The Bark Cutters it was great to have a complete change of scenery. The visit ended up being quite cultural. I thoroughly enjoyed West Side Story. It's a fantastic musical and the cast was incredibly dynamic. [...]

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News – The Bark Cutters! 26/6/10

The Bark Cutters is at No. 6 in the Sydney Morning Herald's Top Ten Australian Fiction List-Spectrum 26th June 2010. Have just re-edited this post as apparently this isn't the first time since publication that the title has appeared in the top ten list! News travels slowly in the bush! The book and sequel have [...]

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Reader’s Notes Posted!

Thank you to the many Book Clubs that selected The Bark Cutters for discussion. And to those of you who have been waiting patiently for reader's notes, here they are. I have listed 24 points which you may like to discuss. By no means is this a definitive listing, in fact there are many more areas [...]

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Personality, character traits & values-judging a book by its cover.

Scientific theory holds that uniformity of the human face equates to beauty. In a series of tests done during the 90's, respondents revealed that those faces that rated highest in attractiveness were not dissimilar to the inkblot test - fold the picture in half and the sides match perfectly. Beyond the lab, personality, character traits and shared [...]

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Who do you think you are? It’s a catchy title for a TV series. Produced by and starring celebs, it mirrors a similar format already showing on free-to-air TV. In an age of reality celebrity it’s fascinating that actually discovering one's ancestors is beginning to find a niche of its own. For an increasingly urbanised [...]

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