This month’s bush video-blog is all about cotton.

It's a long time since cotton was picked by hand and placed in hessian sacks slung over weary shoulders. Today's cotton industry is highly innovative and Australian producers grow some of the best cotton in the world. Picking season involves long hours, pickers and boll buggies and module builders, a dedicated picking crew and a [...]

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Scotty Bridle – world class aerial photographer & chopper musterer.

Scott Bridle is a world class aerial photographer and chopper musterer and at one stage he lived about forty minutes from me at Mungindi. I truly love his photography, but I also shudder at the idea of him taking his wonderful pics and flying his chopper at the same time! It gives a whole new [...]

2012 Barwon Woman of the Year & 2012 NSW Women of the Year Awards

 I'm still in shock. Mid-week I received a call from the office of the Minister for Western NSW, the Hon. Kevin Humphries, MP (Barwon electorate) based in Moree. I was asked if I could come into town on friday to discuss my work with him and that it was in regard to the 2012 NSW Women of the [...]

Grizzleys, Kelly Chains & Gumbo points: The bush make-over.

Wouldn't you think that after all the flood water we contended with earlier in the year and the eight inches of rain received early february that we would have had moisture ready to plant on a few weeks back. Our winter crop program - wheat, barley, chickpeas and faba beans, already substantially reduced thanks to the floods was on [...]

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This months bush-video blog: Chatting to my neighbours.

Historically our district hasn't been an area for the production of high-yeilding sorghum crops. Disease, weather and a previous preference for higher-yeilding and -once upon a time- better paying winter crops such as wheat and barley, meant that sorghum came a poor second. These days many growers choose to plant sorghum as a rotation/cash-flow alternative. [...]

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The Bush V-Blog: Inside the woolshed at crutching time

Check out this weeks bush video-blog! In celebration of the Australian Year of the Farmer we go inside the woolshed at crutching time.

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Smorgasboard ‘Open’.

Well things are starting to dry up in our part of the world. With the bulk of the cattle branding now completed we are busy trying to prepare cultivations for our winter cropping program. The picture of the cattle - left - was taken on one of our cultivations that has had six floods over it [...]

Flood Pics from Whalan Creek peak early Feb. 2012.

Following the severe flooding in Moree earlier this month we received a huge number of telephone calls and emails from friends asking how we were coping with the bigwet. Although early February's flood was substantial, it was not as big as the one we experienced in December 2011. For those of you following my blog [...]

The Big Wet & A Bush Pic Slideshow of 2011.

There's one thing about the bigwet we've been experiencing recently, it sure keeps everyone busy. With Moree still recovering from the flood that swept through the town a good ten days ago and our own Boomi-Garah Road (the one we need to take to get to Moree) only officially opened yesterday, it was a fairly [...]

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The Bush Blog

We've been trying to get the lambs in to shear them since before Christmas. Moved to different paddocks as the flood water encroached before christmas and then caught in small mobs while cut off from the yards, they have of course ended up with worms (yep it's the sheep equivilant). My sister Brooke and Dad went [...]

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