With further predicted rain dissipating into the atmosphere today, we now have a clearer picture of the flood situation. Our cottage is protected by a levee bank, so even with the Boomi River only 25 metres away we’re safe, access however is a different story. My great aunt and uncle were stranded here on this block numerous times during the early part of last century and little has changed. By the weekend the road out of the property will be cut in two places, one of which is the long wooden bridge pictured; the only exit. The plan is to leave my car on the main road side and then depending on the depth of the water we can either boat or quad bike it to the other side. That way I can still get out and get to work. A fairly important consideration when we have 500kg steers under contract that need to be mustered, drafted and trucked into QLD on sunday. They’ve been booked in for three weeks now with wet weather making roadtrain access impossible. Over at the main homestead concern over the Whalan Creek has lifted, at least for the moment. It’s been a few years between good runs and it will take a bit more rain East of us in the Hills to cause any probs. We were concerned about crop damage there as our Whalan country can get inundated from a a good run through however for the moment we’re okay. All eyes are on the next major North-west cloud band due next wk. It’s sods law that when everything is full we’ll get a deluge! It’s into town tomorrow for mosquito repellant/long life milk and other essentials in case our expectations are a little conservative (not the size of the mozzies-we know they’ll be impressive). Anyone who’s read The Bark Cutters or has experienced a flood knows why we bushies get edgy!