From the station archives: The Pastoral Review & The ANZAC Book.

Well I’ve been digging around in the family archives again. This time searching for information from the 1950s for one of my works-in-progress. Opening boxes at our place is a bit like Christmas at times. You never know what gems you’re going to discover. Authenticity is mandatory when you’re writing bush stories with a historical [...]

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The Shiralee – Book review

It’s probably twenty years since I first read The Shiralee which was released in the 1950s but the narrative still captivates and it’s been a joy to re-read. A shiralee is a swag, a burden, and in D’Arcy Niland’s novel, Macauley's is Buster, his four year old daughter. In the novel Macauley takes the child [...]

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Ishiguro wrote the brilliant The Remains of the Day (winner of the Booker prize) with the movie starring Anthony Hopkins receiving rave reviews, so I was interested to read this latest work if only for the author’s leap across genres into fantasy literature. The Buried Giant is set post King Arthur in a Britain filled [...]

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Bush History – The One Ton Post at Mungindi

Our property is between the village of Boomi and the town of Mungindi, in NW NSW. It can be a lonely stretch of dirt road at times, at others, during peak seasons, extraordinarily busy. But you can bet that if you get a flat tyre, there won't be a soul around. Mungindi's an interesting place. It's situated on [...]

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If you enjoy bush history …

 If you enjoy history ... Many of you know that all of my novels to date have relied heavily on the Alexander Family archives which date back over one hundred and twenty years and cover station life from the 1880s on. As you can imagine with such a rich resource my interest in history was [...]

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The Great Plains – The background… the story…

When I began thinking about my new novel, The Great Plains, I was mindful of my own rural background and as with my previous works I wanted to be able to draw on rural Australia and our fascinating history. My aim was to write an epic narrative that told the story of two lands, two [...]

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Coffee-break Quick Pick

I'm reading a couple of books at the moment, both historical, both very different. Firstly, The King's Curse by Phillipa Gregory. This is part of the Cousins’ War Series and although it's highly readable and fascinating with the detail of the Tudor age and Henry VIII, my favourite remains The White Queen. The King's Curse [...]

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From the Station archives: My grandfather’s Great War experiences

A Dish of Wheat In the April of 1918 members of the 3rd Battalion 1st Division A.I.F were in action near the town of Strazelle, near the Belgium Woods, in the eastern area of the Western Front, France. Jim Sullivan from Castlevilla, Boomi and Fred Alexander of Murki (my grandfather), Boomi along with a Sergeant, [...]

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Art in literature: Theft – A Love Story

Theft: A Love Story is a work that looks hard at what art is worth, and to whom. The main character, Michael "Butcher" Boone, is watching his painting career dwindle to nothing after spending time in jail for stealing his own paintings from his ex-wife. He and his mentally handicapped brother Hugh are holed up in [...]

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Writing Workshop – Goondiwindi August 23rd.

I'll be conducting a writing workshop at the Goondiwindi State Primary School Conference Room from 9.30 to 4pm on Saturday August 23, 2014. Course Details -  The fundamentals of writing. Learn the craft of writing in this lively, interactive session which will introduce you to both the fundamentals of writing and the joy of storytelling. By [...]

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