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State Parliament – Recognition in the Legislative Assembly

This is an absolute first for me! Being mentioned in State Parliament. A huge honour. Thankyou @adammarshallmp Image: Hansard site which is the written record of proceedings and debates in Parliament. It is a verified and accurate record rather than a strictly verbatim transcript. TRANSCRIPT NICOLE ALEXANDER – THE LAST STATION Mr ADAM MARSHALL (Northern [...]

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The Cedar Tree (published 2020) at #19 on Better Readings Top 100 Books

Drum roll! Super excited that The Cedar Tree was voted in at No. 19 for Better Reading s Top 100 Books, and particularly chuffed that I'm rubbing shoulders with the likes of Tim Winton (#18) and Trent Dalton (#20). Thankyou to everyone who voted!    

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Paddle-steamers on the Murray-Darling River.

The river-boat era carries with it an inherently romantic history in Australian lore but like most industries it started through need. In 1851 Australia’s first gold rush took place at Ophir near Orange. Barely three years earlier gold had been discovered in California and now the mighty rush of humanity turned an eager eye towards [...]

Waterloo Teeth

‘Alfred clacked his dentures in irritation. He was fond of the teeth left him by his father. ‘Waterloo teeth’ he called them, a grisly reminder of their battlefield provenance.’ The Last Station In the seventeen and eighteen hundred’s people were dabbling in dentistry. The wealthy were eating more sugar and teeth-whitening treatments were highly acidic [...]

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Being fashionable in the 1900s

Fancy having your waist strangled by whalebone? Or using coal-heated tongs and risking your hair burning? At the turn of the century women's fashion was very feminine, but also restrictive and modesty prevailed. Long sleeved blouses, skirts and dresses ensured skin was covered. Tops were billowy and loose, and sleeves exaggerated, the extra fabric enhancing [...]

Conjuring fiction from family legend.

Quite often when I'm writing I'll recall a story my father told me, or dig through our archives and find a forgotten document as in the case of The Last Station, and presto. Rummaging through the past can yield fascinating information and it was while doing just that a few years ago that I recalled [...]

The Afghan Cameleers – Providing a vital service & yet the victims of prejudice

From the 1860s to the 1930s Afghan cameleers were indispensable in servicing Australia’s inland pastoral regions. Although known generically as Afghans these expert teamsters came from the North-West frontier province (then under British rule) now known as Pakistan as well as Iran, India, Afghanistan, Egypt and Turkey. ‘Harry’ the first camel to arrive in Australia [...]

The Last Station – Why I wanted to write this novel

As March 1st is publication day for The Last Station., I thought I'd share why I wanted to write it. When it comes to deciding on the subject matter for a historical novel some of the questions I ask myself include; is it a fascinating period in Australian history and if so are the actual [...]

The Last Station – What’s it about!

The Last Station Well, here it is at last. My eleventh novel. Out March 1st. It took some wrangling to get this one into shape. The initial concept came to me some years ago, having decided upon the Darling River as the touchstone for the work. A river that is vital, changeable, and ultimately unreliable [...]

The Last Station – Where to buy.

A few people have messaged me about where to buy a copy of The Last Station so I have attached this handy link below courtesy of my publisher Penguin Random House. If you click through you'll be able to pre-order/buy from any number of outlets, but of course your fav bookstore will have it in [...]

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