Here it is
ready for the baptismal font
a baby in the making
for two whole captivating years
of undying devotion and mind-numbing frustration.
Of chasing crumbs of knowledge
through wooded glens
and falling down rabbit holes
in search of
shimmering nuggets
to fill
empty space
and startle the
Now the pages are replete
so many words unbound, ideas given freedom
characters unleashed
to laugh
cry and love
in a newly fashioned world
one unseen.
For you,
dear reader
we writers conjure tales from the depths
in the simple hope
of sharing
the intangible.
Our imagination.
What is it about you ask?
This story
this word-baby
long in gestation…
A father and son
blown by the Sirocco winds
to a new beginning
1944 glows with possibilities
Civilian life, song,
So many unexpected friendships
from the past and present
tangled amidst
forgotten memories
fruit laden vines
and the hope of renewal.
* This new novel is set in 1944 during the fledgling days of the Coonawarra wine industry and tells the story of father and son Michael and Canning Christie. They settle in the Coonawarra region after their return from active service in North Africa. Canning must navigate a return to civilian life and a traumatic past. A task that proves difficult thanks to repressed memories and his larger-than-life war hero father Michael. A man who draws women to him like a moth to the flame and conceals his own deadly secret.
No title as yet and no release date… more to come.