Sunset Ridge

Although Madeleine has grown up in the shadow of her grandfather, the renowned artist David Harrow, she knows little about him. For David died long before she was born, and his paintings sold off to save the family property, Sunset Ridge. Now, decades on, with the possibility of a retrospective of David’s work, Madeleine races to unravel the remarkable life of her grandfather, a veteran of the Great War, unaware that his legacy extends far beyond the boundaries of the family property…

It’s 1916, and as Europe descends further into bloodshed, three Queensland brothers -Thaddeus, Luther and David Harrow choose freedom over their restricted lives at Sunset Ridge. A freedom that sees them bound for the hell of the trenches. With the world on fire around them, the brothers bear witness to both remarkable courage and shocking carnage. But they also come to understand the healing power of love. Love for their comrades, love for each other, and love for the young, highly spirited girl they left back home.…

This is a story of bravery and misadventure, of intolerance and friendship, most of all it is the story of three young men who went to war and fought for love.

Sunset Ridge was published in 2013:  Get Reading’s ‘Top Fifty’ Books Pick.

‘A wonderfully researched, beautifully written saga’

Woman's Day
“Seamlessly interlacing modern Australia with war-torn Europe in the early 20th Century, Sunset Ridge is Nicole’s finest work yet’
Queensland Country Life