The Good and the Brave

I wonder what the ANZACs would think of today’s world if they could speak to us from heaven’s halls. I am sure this world we now inhabit, the lands they fought for, so that we might live with greater freedom and democracy, would leave them puzzled. Or maybe not. For all the advancements we have [...]

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Australia’s largest landowner.

Sidney Kidman was born in Adelaide in 1857, leaving his home at age 13 with only 5 shillings and a one-eyed horse that he had bought with his savings. He joined a drover, and learned quickly, later working as a roustabout and bullock-driver, drover, stockman and livestock trader. He made money trading whatever was needed, and [...]

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News for Book Clubs – Wild Lands

For those of you who are members of one of the many book clubs across our wonderful country you may enjoy these reading group questions for Wild Lands.   What is the common bond that brings Kate and Adam together? Who is your favourite character and why? Displacement and dispossession are major themes in the [...]

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5 Tips for historical fiction writers

Are you a writer interested in trying your hand at historical fiction? Here are my top 5 tips: 1. Choose an exact time and place for your book. For example Sydney in the colony of New South Wales, Australia, 1837. Then start reading. 2. Read lots of historical fiction on your chosen time and place so [...]

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An untamed land – Wild Lands. Inspiration

When I began thinking about my new novel, Wild Lands, as always I was mindful of my own rural background and the pioneering spirit required by my family when they first selected land in the northwest of New South Wales. I’ve always drawn on my family’s history for inspiration when it comes to writing my [...]

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Blade Shearing 1894: From the station archives.

The first shearing on our property took place in 1894, when the merino’s that had been overlanded from another of our properties near Inverell, in northern NSW were shorn. This photograph shows that first blade shearing.       Originally a small black and white picture, it was enlarged and tinted with colour many years ago, [...]

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The old school-house :From the station archives

No-one knows how old this map is. No doubt if I studied it carefully I may well be able to work out the dates as the pink shaded areas depict those lands falling under the rule of the British Crown (British Malaya, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Australia, Canada - among others). I do know [...]

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From a croc-wrestling poet, to books and film crews.

From the Burdekin Writer's Festival in Far North QLD where a croc-wrestling bush poet got into a fight outside the local and had to be taken to hospital by an eminent historian (who says writer's fests are boring?)...           to a film crew descending on the property to talk books and farming ...followed [...]

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From the Station archives: The homestead my great-grandfather built in the 1890s.

When my great-grandfather moved westward from the New England north-west region of Inverell in the early 1890s to our current property he built a homestead on one of two separate holdings. The property was called Mona and the original house was of mud-brick and cypress pine. This early building was made with the black soil mud found on the property with the bricks [...]

All The Light We Cannot See – Book Review

Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See cleverly interweaves the lives of Marie-Laure and Werner. Marie, a blind French girl flees with her father to Saint-Malo when the Germans occupy Paris. And it is her story that becomes entwined with that of German orphan Werner, whose genius with radios makes him an expert tracker [...]

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