Flood Pics from Whalan Creek peak early Feb. 2012.

Following the severe flooding in Moree earlier this month we received a huge number of telephone calls and emails from friends asking how we were coping with the bigwet. Although early February's flood was substantial, it was not as big as the one we experienced in December 2011. For those of you following my blog [...]

Snorkel time…

With more heavy rain predicted from this afternoon onwards you really do have to wonder what the rain gods are playing at. Okay so we had ten years of drought during which time most of us bush bound inhabitants retreated to daily prayers and the shooting of crowing roosters (bad luck in a dry time) on [...]

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Dianne Blacklock Talks ‘The Secret Ingredient’. Novel #8.

It's always great to 'meet'  authors and take a peek into what they are creating. I read very widely so for those of you following my blog while I have my fair share of rural literature authors to visit there are so many wonderful books out there it seems a pity to constrain this site to just one [...]

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CAL/Scribe Fiction Winner

Maris Morton writes: I’ve always been an avid reader, especially of crime and mystery fiction, and while I had the idea that writing a book myself would be a fine thing, I never had the confidence to attempt it. What I was good at was drawing and painting, and if I was to have a [...]

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The water’s here

The Boomi River cut us off a day ago. I'd already moved my vehicle out on Sat-and everyone else followed suit yesterday driving their 4WDs through the floodwater ( including over this little bridge-our main access out). Somehow I didn't think my x-trail would appreciate a flooding & I'm more an SES handbook girl. With my work 4WD [...]

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Merlot Infused Conundrum

Hmm, have just had it on good advice (someone established in the field) that writers like to tipple. You know have one tooooo many, especially at writer's festivals, however not exclusively. In fact it can happy anywhere- drinks after meetings with one's agent, one's publisher, one's publicity doyenne, or perhaps with the marketing department or [...]

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Fuel, distance & undulating hills

After a great day in Moree-thanks to Hendersons Books & Office Supplies and The Town & Country Club & The Dust Jacket; I returned home with out filling my car only to discover that the station fuel bowser was empty. Slight problem when you're 100 km's from the nearest town! Luckily Rodney from Caltex in [...]

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Touring QLD-Warwick & Goondiwindi

Great day today at Toowoomba. The Town & Country Club talk and the instore signing at Mary-Ryans were fab. Heading down The Country Way Highway to Warwick for a talk at the Warwick Library. This is a beautiful city distinguished by fine sandstone buildings and an enviable climate. Only 84 k's from T/ba it boasts [...]

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The Bark Cutters-Out Now!

With advance copies of The Bark Cutters dropped at our boundary gate mail box only days ago and one of my favourite local bookstores already selling copies today within an hour or so of delivery, I can officially say, it is out! With the sell-in response the book may not be immediately available in some stores, and in [...]

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A Heat Held Day

As the countdown approaches for the 1st April release of The Bark Cutters, I keep reminding myself that there is the small matter of a sequel due for completion mid-July. It is exciting to revisit The Bark Cutter's characters and watch their lives unfold as I sit in front of my laptop trying to keep [...]

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