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It's hard to do justice to the beautiful Barossa Valley. One of the world's greatest wine regions, it is known for its food and wine and stunning scenery. It was raining most of today, but the glorious sight of low clouds misting verdant rolling hills in a series of foamy tendrils was mesmerising. Okay, I [...]

Beautiful South Australia…. here I come

Week three of the Sunset Ridge roadtrip sees me visiting South Australia. I'm really looking forward to heading south although I think the temperature change may be a shock having just spent the last fortnight touring QLD and the gorgeous coastal areas of NSW. I big thank you to all the libraries and book stores [...]

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Meet the inspirational multi-tasker Jacqui Bateman

Jacqui Bateman knows all about diversification, from farming to crayfishing, photography through to reporting for Rural Press, Jacqui inspires through enthusiastic multi-tasking and a camera lens that sometimes doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination. You will have to read her blog to see what I mean! Crikey, an invitation to be a guest blogger [...]

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August 8th: 1 day 2 special events – Brisbane Ekka & Outback Voices

Well I'm heading into the pointy end of the year in my writing world. The year seems to have flown as usual and here we are in mid-July with weeks of cattle work behind us, fat lambs sold, cotton off, crops in the ground and.... don't hold your breath, waiting for rain once again. Come [...]

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Stepping out of the literary closet: John Purcell aka Natasha Walker reveals he is the author of ‘that’ trilogy….

Last year a home grown erotic book for women hit the shelves and became a massive bestseller. The author, the very private Natasha Walker kept an extremely low profile despite her trilogy steadily climbing the bestseller charts. Then in the last week, something happened....  Who would have guessed that John Purcell of Booktopia (Australia's leading on-line [...]

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Dark narratives make for fascinating fairy tales

Like most children I grew up with fairy tales, glistening narratives of maidens and princes, kindly god-mothers, evil step-sisters, nasty witches and trails of breadcrumbs. The versions that my mother shared with me were however, of the twentieth century kind. I doubt I would have received such enjoyment should I have been told the originals. The Grimm [...]

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Cropping – How times have changed.

Many farmers are mid-way through their winter crop plantings at the moment, while others wait for rain. It’s a busy and stressful time of year for many, but also an appropriate time to look back on the history of cropping in Australia. Agriculture has come a long way in the last few hundred years. Today [...]

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Dear Mum – All royalties to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Last year I had the honour of being asked to contribute to a non-fiction work for Mother's Day 2013. Dear Mum is the brain child of actor/comedian Julia Morris and the book features a wonderful collection of letters from a range of high-profile celebrities (hence the thrill and I must say suprise at being asked to contribute). [...]

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Holiday Reading Guide: 4 Top picks for 2012

With only 5 sleeps until christmas it's holiday time for most of us - unless you're in drought mode as we are, feeding livestock and checking watering points daily; plus I have another novel due to the publishers soon. So there won't be alot of Ho Ho Ho for me! This year I have four [...]

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Greg Barron talks needles & donkeys.

Fellow '50 Books You Can't Put Down' member Greg Barron visits today. Greg very kindly dropped in while I was speaking in Kempsey last September while on the promo trail for Absolution Creek. It's always a blessing to meet fellow authors especially when you get to swap novels. Today Greg shares one of his marvellous 'research' [...]

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