From the Station archives: My grandfather’s Great War experiences

A Dish of Wheat In the April of 1918 members of the 3rd Battalion 1st Division A.I.F were in action near the town of Strazelle, near the Belgium Woods, in the eastern area of the Western Front, France. Jim Sullivan from Castlevilla, Boomi and Fred Alexander of Murki (my grandfather), Boomi along with a Sergeant, [...]

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The Great War Series: An extraordinary book & an emotion charged movie.

The Great War that erupted in 1914 remains the single most cataclysmic event this nation has suffered, in terms of both numbers of lives lost and the impact to the Australian economy. With our country less diversified back then we relied on imports. But trade routes ceased or were extremely limited by the war and [...]

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Soldier Boy, the youngest Anzac

Some stories are so amazing that they deserve to spoken of time and again. So it is with Soldier Boy the celebrated true story of Jim Martin the youngest Anzac. Written by Anthony Hill and first published in 2001 it won the NSW Premier's Award (Ethel Turner Prize) the year of publication and has since [...]

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The Dog Blog: Canines and Anzac Day.

Dogs. We’re pretty amazing creatures. While I’m not one to bark about feats of glory, although I personally cut a fine figure stretched nose to tail while in pursuit of a wily cow; sometimes a pooch has to put his best foot forward. On Anzac Day I found myself in conversation with some neighbours from [...]

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The Great War- The war to end all wars.

The German invasion of France in August 1914 saw millions of soldiers digging two lines of zig-zagging trenches that stretched for five hundred miles across Europe, from the North Sea to Switzerland. These trenches would remain virtually unchanged until the war ended four years later. The area between the opposing forces was known as ‘No [...]

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The Dog Blog: by Jack the kelpie

With the drought on-going there's been very little happening stock-wise. My tw0-legged mates are out feeding cattle everyday, which while it has to be done is very boring for us dogs. So I decided it was time to get my half-sister Jill a bit motivated. Now that the mornings are cooling off a bit I've [...]

Heroic figures in an ancient land.

I love art. Had I not been born with the ability to draw stick figures with all the panache of a dyslexic caterpillar I would certainly have attempted more than the few contemporary canvases I painted at boarding school. I once even had go ala Pro Hart. However throwing tins of paint on a piece [...]

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Reflection, commemoration and a war that didn’t end all wars.

This year marks the centenary of World War One, 2014-2018. From an Australian perspective over the next two years a number of historic commemorative services will be held, the first in 1915 for the fateful landing at Gallipoli and the second for the Australian Imperial Forces move in 1916 to the Western Front in France. [...]

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Penny Blatchford – the accidental activist

Penny Blatchford, wife, farmer and accidental activist joins me to talk about Coal Seam Gas and farmers rights... or lack of. Can one early Sunday morning phone call really change the direction of your life? I guess looking back and reflecting on what was the trigger one simple act by someone that was unknown to [...]

500 communities, 1300 volunteers: Davida Melksham leads by example.

500 communities, 1300 volunteers cris-crossing rural and remote Australia offering everything from diaster support to a friendly ear and a cuppa. Meet this week's inspiring woman, Davida Melksham of Outback Links. This Like so many other women who wear many hats, I often struggle to come up with a suitable introduction.  Quite simply, it is [...]

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