Stand up for farmers!

It's about time that NSW regional and rural voters had a bigger say ahead of the March 28th State election, don't you think so?  So does NSW Farmers.  They have created StandupforFarmers, a campaign giving country NSW voters a greater voice enabling them to shine the spotlight on issues impacting rural and regional communities. If you head to [...]

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The Great Plains – The background… the story…

When I began thinking about my new novel, The Great Plains, I was mindful of my own rural background and as with my previous works I wanted to be able to draw on rural Australia and our fascinating history. My aim was to write an epic narrative that told the story of two lands, two [...]

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Excited, Anxious, Hopeful – The Great Plains

The Great Plains, will be released November 3rd and as always it's with mixed feelings that I introduce another baby, my fifth novel in as many years, into the world. Excited, anxious and hopeful spring to mind when it comes to describing my general state of anxiousness this afternoon, as tomorrow I start a three [...]

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Coffee Break Quick Picks: Bush women & a quirky road trip.

Looking for a new read? Here are two new titles. From women who've struggled through the hardships of the Australian bush to an abandoned child and a reclusive woman who names her chairs. Women Of Spirit Anne Crawford tells the true stories of nine inspiring women from remote parts of Australia. These women have left the [...]

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The Agony & the Ecstasy – Art in literature

The Agony & The Ecstasy of Stone’s Michelangelo Biographical novels of artists abound, but perhaps the most famous is Irving Stone’s The Agony and the Ecstasy about one of the most famous artists of all time, Michelangelo.   Stone took much of his material from nearly 500 letters attributed to Michelangelo, which had never before [...]

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The Dog Blog: This week Jack talks sheep & gravox

Sheep. Yes I know, being a kelpie I should be partial to them and I am but not the way you think. They would have to be the most frustrating animals. You run one way, they run in the opposite direction. You want them to walk through a gate then you actually have to get [...]

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The Great War- The war to end all wars.

The German invasion of France in August 1914 saw millions of soldiers digging two lines of zig-zagging trenches that stretched for five hundred miles across Europe, from the North Sea to Switzerland. These trenches would remain virtually unchanged until the war ended four years later. The area between the opposing forces was known as ‘No [...]

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The Dog Blog-He’s Just Not That Into You Jill…

It’s been a torrid week. Firstly still no rain, secondly we switched dog biscuit brands with ordinary results. I keep telling the two-legged’s, don’t let some shop-keeper tell you what I like. I know what I like. I’ve always been a two hat dog at the least, anything under and it doesn’t make the grade. [...]

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The Dog Blog ‘Thought for the Day’

Each week Jack the Kelpie and friends will be presenting the 'Dog Blog'. A brief roundup of what's happening around the property and more importantly what's occurring in their lives. To kick start the project Jack would like to introduce himself.   'G'day. I'm an eight month old black and tan Kelpie. My name's Jack [...]

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Reflection, commemoration and a war that didn’t end all wars.

This year marks the centenary of World War One, 2014-2018. From an Australian perspective over the next two years a number of historic commemorative services will be held, the first in 1915 for the fateful landing at Gallipoli and the second for the Australian Imperial Forces move in 1916 to the Western Front in France. [...]

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