An Australian ram, famous for being famously superb.

Famous for being famously superb, the shilling ram was the name given to Uardry 0.1. A merino ram of such style and class that on the 29th June 1932, the Sydney Mail announced that Uardry was, ‘generally acknowledged to be one of the most magnificent Merinos ever seen in Sydney.’ Uardry had for competition 366 [...]

Absolution Creek Reviews

As an author it can be difficult to garner reviews and when they are received quite often we wish for a more positive tone. Unlike the silver screen, excellent book reviews do not automatically equate to healthy sales figures and in the end let's face it they are merely someone else's opinion. Yet society in [...]

Where did 2012 Go?

I have always been a huge festive season person, long, hot days, plenty of good cheer (the food and wine kind) and time with family and friends. We're used to big christmases in the bush and with the temperature gauge usually soaring, on-farm jobs are scheduled for mornings so the Christmas week can be enjoyed. This year it [...]

Gold! Liquid or the precious metal kind: Ayr to Charters Towers.

From the cane fields of the Burdekin Shire to the vibrant, historical town of Charters Towers. The last leg of my North QLD visit has been entertaining, fun and hugely interesting. At Ayr I was treated to a close-up of a cane field burning courtesy of John Scott of the Burdekin Library and the delightful [...]

Have car, will travel … 3600 km’s so far…

It's lucky I'm use to driving. With 2.5 weeks of touring already behind me, 3600 kms (give or take a few ks) takes in a whole lot of country. From the vast open spaces of western QLD to the south of the state through to NSW and the waterways of the beautiful midnorth coast, I [...]

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Absolution Creek Tour Details

The Absolution Creek tour kicks off next monday 3rd September in QLD. This year I'll be covering a lot of the state just over the border from me and I'm looking forward to visiting some new places. I'll also be travelling through NSW and Victoria, with South Australia deferred to next year when I have a [...]

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Charleville, Western QLD.

At the beginning of this week, my sister Brooke and I headed north to Charleville in western QLD. Although we practically live right on the NSW/QLD border it was a 1100 km return trip into western QLD and I have to say I'd go back tomorrow. There is so much to see and do. The main [...]

My next novel – Absolution Creek. Out 3rd Sept. 2012 (Sneak preview)

My new novel, Absolution Creek will be released this September and I'm excited to be sharing the cover for the first time. Many a meeting and discussion was held as Random House and I discussed the merits of marketing this next book. Rural Literature readers like their book covers to reflect the content, (which is [...]

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Around the station dining-room table.

With mum away this week, David and I headed over to the main homestead last night for a slow-cooked lamb roast with my dad and brother. After years of being the lone sibling on-farm it is strange having another family member back. Scott is having a break from his own business down south and is spending [...]

The task of turning a raw manuscript into a published novel.

Editing is one of those processes that can be time-consuming, hair-pulling, enjoyable, go outside and put your head in a bucket of water or a mixture of all four. The editing of Absolution Creek (like the writing of it) has been stalled intermittantly once again by mother nature. With 130 pages to go this edit has been [...]

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