River Run – Set during the heady years of the 1950s wool boom.

There's always a story behind a story. When I began thinking about my seventh novel, River Run, I sat down with my parents to chat about the 1950s. I wanted to to write about this era as it's such a rich period in Australian history - Communism, the cold war, the aftermath of two world [...]

A Sixty Year Obsession

Coiled, sprung and greased he waits. All cracked water-melon smile wavering towards the short soft rays of dawn. The year’s passing, pokered straight by heat held days and fading vision. Am I the determined settler, carver of great tracts of land? Or merely consumed by naivety? Tar coated railings quiver beneath indecisiveness or [...]

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OF Wattle and Daub Beginnings – The Great War

In state this new world Achilles, he of translucent glow rests, world weary: Oblivious to commanders. Those reticent masters of the bayonet charge, lauded yet by those similarly inclined. Ten miles beyond the sordid scope of battle, only Generals die in bed. Our Achilles, little known disparager of war, of wattle and daub beginnings. [...]

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Our Big Bird and Australia’s first cook book

In early colonial Australia, printed cookbooks were an indulgence, offering little useful information for Australian conditions, and often requiring unobtainable ingredients. Our first cookbook was written in 1864 by Hobart landowner and member of the Tasmanian Parliament Edward Abbott (1801–1869). Wait for the title, The English and Australian Cookery Book: Cookery for the Many, as [...]

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Turnbull. Don’t bugger up the Australian Publishing Industry

I started writing a long time ago. I was in my teens when the bug first hit me. Poetry, short stories, news and travel articles. You name it. I wrote it. I was simply compelled to write even if I was exhausted after hours in my 'day' job, like most scribblers I couldn't wait to [...]

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Peter Yeldham returns with a new book, ‘Dragons in the forest’.

What happens when a real-life story is 'commercialised' into novel form and as the author you believe the narrative ends up being more gloss than meat, more fiction, than truth, even though the finished product is a best-seller? In Peter Yeldham's case he sat back down at his laptop more than a decade later and re-wrote the work so that justice [...]

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This summer – January 2016

A new year, and the force awakens... if you're a Star Wars fan, then like me you've probably already seen the next instalment, and yes, the audience did cheer when Han Solo (Ford looking ruggedly aged but distinguished) made his first appearance.  Spoiler alert - Luke Skywalker, who makes a fleeting appearance, didn't fare so well over [...]

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Writing frontier Australia.

I'm extraordinarily grateful for the great reception that my last novel, Wild Lands received. In writing about the opening up of northern New South Wales in the 1830s I was cautioned by some who were concerned about my writing from the perspective of both white settlers and Australia's First People. I was also reminded by others [...]

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News for Book Clubs – Wild Lands

For those of you who are members of one of the many book clubs across our wonderful country you may enjoy these reading group questions for Wild Lands.   What is the common bond that brings Kate and Adam together? Who is your favourite character and why? Displacement and dispossession are major themes in the [...]

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5 Tips for historical fiction writers

Are you a writer interested in trying your hand at historical fiction? Here are my top 5 tips: 1. Choose an exact time and place for your book. For example Sydney in the colony of New South Wales, Australia, 1837. Then start reading. 2. Read lots of historical fiction on your chosen time and place so [...]

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