If you’re a member of a book club and you enjoy lively discussion it’s always great to have a few questions to start with. Here are seven questions relating to Stone Country that are sure to have you dissecting the plot and pondering the duality of human nature.  

1. Stone Country is a compelling tale of the burden of duty, rivalry, mate-ship, betrayal and of the far-reaching ramifications of a loveless childhood. Discuss these themes.

2. Ross Grant is an unlikely hero, one who embodies the duality of human nature. Discuss his personality and the limitations imposed on his life by both his family and his own poor decision making.

3. Darcey and Maria are two very different women. They are both constrained by their gender and yet they are determined to make the best of their lives. Compare and contrast their similarities and differences.

4. Connor is the voice of reason in Ross’s life and yet his interference, although well-intended has far-reaching implications for Ross. Discuss how far a person should go to protect a friend, even if it’s from themselves.

5. Who is your favourite character and why?

6. The reader is introduced to the station hierarchy of a large cattle station in the Northern Territory in the 1900s. Compare and contrast the gender, class and race divide.

7. The Australian landscape, its beauty and its harshness is an integral part of Stone Country. How well has the author succeeded in capturing both time and place in the novel?