Father’s Day is just around the corner and what red-blooded man doesn’t love a ripping thriller. Well, Greg Barron is back with a new offering, Lethal Sky. He set a high standard with his first novel, Rotten Gods, and followed this successfully with Savage Tide. With Lethal Sky you have a thoroughly researched story with lots of action and great characters. But don’t take my word for it. Greg has been wooing fans with his high-octane narratives for a number of years now.

sky ‘Barron echoes the work of authors such as MacLean, Clancy and Ludlum’  Canberra Times

‘Entertaining, provocative’ Daily Telegraph

Lethal Sky is set in the near future. At its heart is a terror plot involving a deadly virus that is to be released over Sydney, Europe and the US. Intelligence Agent, Marika Hartmann and a Special Forces soldier, P.J. Johnson must stop them. It’s nice to see as one reviewer coined, ‘a kick-arse heroine’, and the fact that her love interest is her terrorist-plot busting cohort, P.J. Johnson, ramps up the action on all levels.


A light aircraft flies over Sydney Harbour carrying the spores of a deadly microbe, enough to kill the people below and render the city uninhabitable for decades. Intelligence agent Marika Hartmann races to the scene aboard a Taipan helicopter packed with Australian commandos, unable to shoot the plane down for fear of releasing the lethal cargo. Can she save her city?

In Western Europe and America millions of ordinary people start their day, unaware that a swarm of powerful new weapons, armed with the same biological agent, gather in the skies.

In London PJ Johnson leads a team of Special Forces soldiers to find the terrorists’ base of operations as biologist Jan Sloven works furiously to decode the conundrum left by a deranged scientific genius – but time is against them all.